Interactive map

The interactive map of the Ronda Verda will be very useful to you in planning your route. To find out how it works, read the following operating instructions carefully.

Cartographical basis of the map

You can choose between three types of cartographic base as the support for displaying the different levels of information. They can be activated simultaneously.

Information level (layers)

This section allows you to select the following information levels:

Ronda Verda Route

This layer can be displayed on top of any of the three maps mentioned above. It shows the whole route of the circuit. When you move the cursor along the route, additional information appears. Three different symbols can be distinguished:

When you place the cursor on the Ronda Verda route, the distance in metres to the items marked in each case appears. When the item is not on the Ronda Verda route, the distance to the turn-off that leads to it is shown.

If you activate the “technical information on a section” function appearing in the top left-hand corner of the map with the icon “i”, a box opens with details of the selected section, such as the type of surface or width of the track.

Landmarks and sections

This layer allows you to display the six sections into which the route of the Ronda Verda is divided and the most important landmarks that appear on the information signs on the circuit.

Types of surface

This layer allows you to distinguish between types of paved surface or dirt/sand.

Public transport

This layer shows the stations of the underground, FGC and funicular network.

Parks and gardens

This layer makes it possible to display the location of many parks and gardens in the area of the Ronda Verda circuit.


This layer makes it possible to see the location of the vertical and horizontal Ronda Verda signs installed along the circuit.


When you activate this layer you show the parts of the circuit that are currently subject to study and improvement or are affected by works or various incidents.


Allows you to consult the longitudinal profile of the full Ronda Verda route or sections of it.


Allows you to download the full route or sections of the Ronda Verda circuit in order to display the route on Google Earth or GPS devices.

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